Okay so it’s been a minute
Holy hell have I been behind here or what... These past few months have been a huge adjustment for us all with the pandemic, experiences of trauma caused by constant racist/terrorist events, and stress in general! In my life, it’s looked like more work at the shelter, exploring what online platforms I can begin to use for income, and learning what human connection online really means. There is this assumption that I had because of experience in my life that I couldn’t quite cross over my social work and this blog thing. I was wrong. While it’s been a scary and intimidating decision to pursue this sex and relationship coaching work while I am full time as a housing coordinator, I am loving it. I am tired but I am feeling more like myself daily. It’s slow growth that’s leading to new new habits. This push to pursue what I want hasn’t been without doubt. It hasn’t been without help either. In this time, reaching out towards community has afforded me the opportunity to learn that it’s not always about who you know but who you can reach. I’ve been able to create virtual community and relationships through my writing and photo work. We often get told that our lives are to be on one path but I want to challenge that with the truth that there is duality within us all. If you’re feeling stuck right now because you have been pushed away from your path, what other parts of yourself can you begin to nurture? It can look like going after a passion of yours or maybe it’s something small like a change in daily routine, perhaps adding in a walk or reading. Can we start to make plans that involve looking towards our so called new normal in a positive light? My answer is YES! I’ve pursued my positive light by making a safety plan and check in deeply with my mental health. Some ways you can do safety planning are by making a few lists. A) who is in your corner, who is a support to you? B) what organizations or community supports exist for you? C) are your basic needs being met? If not, how can you find resources to supplement those needs? D) who can you turn to in emergency situations? This type of planning and reassurance is what’s guiding me through. What’s working for you? Anywho this week is less about sex and more about personal stability. Xoxo Bigbodymami